I recently saw Luisa for CTC therapy and it was an amazing life changing experience.

Initially I was curious to see what it was all about as I had never come across combined therapies before.

Life had made me feel anxious, uncertain and overwhelmed at times and I was wanted  to discuss this in the CTC session with Luisa.

Meeting Luisa for the first time she immediately made me feel very comfortable, safe and secure. 

After having one session with Luisa I walked away letting go of all that made me feel anxious, uncertain and overwhelmed I couldn't believe. I am now in control of those situations been given the tools to cope.

Thank you Luisa for this amazing opportunity to free myself.


I have no idea where to begin to thank you for all your help during a difficult time dealing with the grief and loss of being separated from my family.  At this time I was only sleeping a few hours per night and following the treatment the amount of hours I sleep began to increase and transition to a more normal sleep pattern.


Before seeing Luisa at 'Healing for New Beginnings', I was a very angry and lost soul. Not only my mental health was suffering but also my physical being as well. Weighing in at 210kg, I avoided going out into the real world and avoided going out at any cost, whether it be for work or socializing. My self esteem and confidence was virtually non existent and most of all my confidence and self love had no place in my heart or mind.

Until I allowed myself to be open and feel confident enough to receive help from Luisa at 'Healing for New Beginnings', I wouldn't have imagined the impact that it would have on my life in so many ways, whether it be spiritually, mentally or physically. At first, to be totally honest, I did have my doubts, but I quickly learnt through my own experiences that this combination of therapies really opened my eyes and my mind and my beliefs. It has taught me to see the world in a totally different way and it's given me the knowledge and strength on how to deal with life's challenges. Looking back after a year of big changes, I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I am now 100kg lighter but most importantly, I am a stronger person spiritually, mentally and out of all these fantastic changes, the best reward for me is that I am happy within myself.

I now want to embrace life and I am not scared to take on challenges and new experiences. I truly believe that Luisa has taught me that when things happen in life, whether they be bad or good, it happens to teach us very important lessons about life itself but most of all about ourselves. 

I thoroughly recommend anyone from my heart of hearts to be open to this sort of therapy because it has literally changed my life.


I was introduced to Luisa from 'Healing for New Beginnings' by a friend who had himself been through the 'CTC' (Cut the Crap) Therapy Session and was singing her praises after his life changing transformation. Upon meeting Luisa, I was instantly made to feel welcome and calm, she is a breath of fresh positive air, which is intoxicating.

I had been through some tough times in my life and a couple of weeks before my session I hit rock bottom and attempted to take my own life. My whole being felt burdened by a foggy and heavy darkness. Negative thoughts dominated my mind and a great sense of fear regarding my future.

Before my session, Luisa asked me to write a list of all my fears, concerns, problems, things that I was feeling, etc.  At my session she used several modalities which she thought would be the most beneficial for my recovery, some of which included NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming), Reiki, Hypnosis and EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique). After my 2.5hour session, I felt calm, energized, empowered and connected to life again. My life has been truly transformed because of Luisa's help. My fears and phobias have been released, I feel more balanced and able to concentrate, my energy levels are much better and my outlook on life and my future is brighter and more positive.

I genuinely recommend Luisa to anyone who has lost control of their life and is looking to find their way again.

Thank you Luisa for believing in me and helping me to see that there are bigger and better things in my future which are yet to come.


It has been one week since receiving CTC from Luisa and I can happily say that with each day the session is ingraining itself deeper into my psyche, allowing me to use what's been newly integrated into my daily life. During the session I had a huge release and realised what I had holding me back for so many years was being constantly overlooked, it has given me a broader perspective on other areas of my life which I can now identify as either limiting or progressive.

Luisa was very welcoming throughout my whole experience, from first booking, during the session and finally afterwards, helping to keep me on track with a few helpful tips. I highly recommend CTC to anyone looking to improve themselves, regardless of their current situation, having experienced it firsthand, I see how powerful this method truly is.