What is Reiki?

Rei - Universal Life Force

Ki - Energy

Reiki is Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing both physically and emotionally. It is a scientifically proven technique designed to unblock and redirect energy flow within the body.

It is gentle and powerful, yet safe and natural. It will reduce pain or remove it altogether and decrease recovery time after trauma or operations and even prepare you prior. For this reason many nurses are being trained to use it in hospitals.

An hour session of Reiki will have you walking out the door in bliss as it is very relaxing and deeply healing. This can reduce your stress and make your body feel lighter so you can handle life with more clarity and grace.

You will comfortably lie down fully clothed and lightly covered, on my healing table and I will lightly place my hands on, or just above, different parts of your body.  You may feel tingling or warmth as the energy flows though my hands and into your body. This will facilitate the body’s natural energy flow leaving your energy chakras balanced and your whole body in alignment.

Sessions are available solo or in tandem packages with other modalities.