Are you ready to release the chains of the past? Is it time to meet the brand new you? Are you excited to experience a different tomorrow?

Then take the next step and contact me..

I love being able to provide a variety of different natural therapies and techniques to work with each individual as their own being. I am blessed to see the renewed vigor and energy my clients leave with, after releasing all that’s holding them back.

From a peaceful, relaxing Reiki session to the life transforming CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail™ - the right therapy you need is right here.

If it’s crystal therapy, an EFT (tapping) session or Medical Intuitive session you need to get you back on track, I would be honoured to work with you.  Let me help you return to balance and harmony finding peace within the mind, body and spirit.


One thing that’s always been important to me is balance and love.  When I’m not following my true self’s journey I find myself out of balance and not in the best space that I can be.

Throughout my life, many challenges have presented themselves to really see if I will throw myself off balance again.

A major one was seeing my son, at age 13, go through a very rough time where no doctors could help. This opened doors I never knew about sending me thirsting for information and learning about a new ways help is available that I never knew existed. This has shown me that these tough experiences are merely life’s learning lessons.

Of course, I’ve made my way through that tough time and many more and am here to tell the tale. Have I learnt all my lessons? – Certainly not, as challenges continue to appear. What I have learnt from all of these experiences is a multitude of tools and resources to help me react differently and see things in another light so I can face new trials with greater ease.

These “blessings” as I now call them have directed me on a path I’d never seen for myself. A career involving helping others through their difficult times to get the back to their true selves and balanced again finding joy where they never thought possible.

Life doesn’t have to be too difficult so as not to have fun and enjoy the journey.

ARE YOU READY to live life to the fullest and see joy in every moment?